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Welcome to Shock Logic – Get the EDGE!

Shock Logic is a specialist shock sales and performance tuning company.  We don’t sell shocks but rather offer our clients the opportunity to invest in performance through the use of our products and services.  To date since 2006 we have helped our clients to over 35 National titles in all facets of Motorsport in South Africa from Circuit to Offroad on two wheels or four

Shock Logic is the sole and a fully accredited distributor of PENSKE RACING SHOCKS , K-TECH SUSPENSIONCUSTOM AXIS RACING SHOCK and RADFLO SUSPENSION in South Africa. We have more than 25 years experience in national and international circuit and off-road racing from British Touring Car Championship to technical support at 4 Dakar rallies from 2002 to 2005 as part of the South African Nissan Factory team.

We specialise in shocks and shocks alone and we don’t just supply what is arguably some of the best premium shock brands in the world, but continue to work with our clients in supporting and developing our product.  This ongoing support and development ensures that you stay ahead of the field and retain an ongoing edge.

Shock Logic has taken race vehicle suspension development to a new level of expertise and professionalism in South Africa, with our fully equipped facility we guarantee the performance advantage any serious racer insists on.